28 February 2018

Introducing DataCAT: GDPR Compliance Acceptance Tracking

GDPR Design was created after we recognised the massive impact that GDPR is going to have on SMEs and the lack of high-quality, low-cost solutions to help companies comply. We have therefore developed a series of simple to use, cloud-based solutions to help SME businesses comply with GDPR and the new data privacy laws.

Using our experience of the SME market, our understanding of compliance and knowledge of online applications, we are focused on removing the headache and ongoing challenges of GDPR, allowing organisations to focus on what they do best – their core business services.

Regardless of any claims, no software alone will allow you to be fully GDPR compliant. Specific arrangements for individual businesses will vary depending on objectives, customers and how data is collected. The software we have developed is designed to be configurable to support these specific arrangements.

Introducing DATACAT

The first application we will be releasing to the market is DataCAT – a simple, customisable web-based application that will allow businesses to be transparent in their approach to data regulations and how they process data for marketing and communication purposes.

Introducing GDPR Design's DataCAT

DataCAT stands for Data Compliance Acceptance Tracking. Via a simple online editor, you will be able to design and implement a pop up on your website which can be applied in minutes. Through DataCAT, you will be able to promote your company’s data policies from a library of pre-loaded statements and choose how you collect, store and track website data in a manner that allows users to explicitly opt-in to their data being used for compliant and consensual marketing.

How it works

DataCAT will allow you to build your consent and GDPR policy pages, customise a pop up for your brand’s website and manage your site’s data policies.

Our ‘how it works’ video illustrates how the application will work for your business and how it will help your compliance journey.

How it helps compliance

There are four aspects to GDPR that DataCAT will help tackle: collecting, accessing, moving and securing personal data.

GDPR Design Infographic


Collecting Personal Data

DataCAT enables the collection and retention of explicit consent from users of your website to gather and process only the personal data needed.

It also provides you with predefined data processing policies that, through the application, you can present directly to website users to clearly explain key information such as:

  • How and why their data will be processed
  • Details of the data controller
  • Where the data will be held

Through DataCAT, consent can also easily be removed at any point.

Accessing Personal Data

DataCAT provides a simple, searchable data file that enables you to quickly retrieve the personal data you hold ensuring it is accurate, and protecting the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ and the ‘Right to Rectification’.

From this you can easily provide your customers access to their personal data free of charge, check the accuracy, and delete on request.

By default, DataCAT deletes data that isn’t being used so you have peace of mind

Moving Personal Data

Moving personal data to another organisation, or as it is officially known, the ‘Right to Portability’ can easily be fulfilled through DataCAT. The application provides data in a CSV file, a common format supported by most applications, which can simply be sent on to other organisations on request.

Securing Personal Data

DataCAT is supported by industry leading secure hosting company Amazon Web Services.

This means DataCAT conforms to the highest security standards, such as:

  • the CISPE Code of Conduct.
  • ISO 27017 for cloud security & ISO 27018 for cloud privacy
  • SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3
  • PCI DSS Level 1
  • and more.

Via the secure platform, DataCAT will keep all data secure and will automatically delete data which isn’t being used. For accountability purposes DataCAT holds records of all data being processed.

Buy DataCAT Today

As previously stated, DataCAT and its features will not fully address all GDPR consideration for your business, however it will help you some way on your journey to GDPR compliance.

Our low cost annual subscriptions will provide a simple, easy to use and customisable application that will leave you with peace of mind and allow you to invest in the future of your business.

For more information, please get in touch via our live chat or call our team on 01635 785 587 or email